In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, during its virtual WWDC 2020, Apple announced the next version of iOS, and its many innovations. One of these new AI innovations, the Clips app, is an efficient way for users to quickly access and experience what an app offers.

Clips are sections of apps’ functionalities that enable users to use some specific apps features without necessitating to download the entire app. Clips are small (under 10MB), and launch immediately at the iPhone screen's bottom.

Clips thus allows the user to enjoy an app without having to register or enter payment details, while also saving space on the device, considering all the required Clips data is stored primarily in the cloud.

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How does Clips work?

Clips can be accessed easily, either via a link, a NFC tag, or one of Apple's custom radial QR codes. Clips portrays a new level of versatility, and the user can unlock these clips using iMessage, Safari, or even Apple’s Maps.

After accessing the app, a card representing the chosen feature of the full application, comprising entirely of a maximum of 10Mb, is made available to the user. The efficiency of the app Clips lies in its ability to work along with other apps while not interrupting their activity.

Though Clips are just a selection of the full app features, they are built using the same XCode 12 project as the main app. Clips are unique in their traits that include any form of a feature, including augmented reality.

Clips and marketing

Clips renders a more interactive and faster experience for the user, which assuredly opens new vistas for a more specific marketing form. Companies will be able to employ spot advertising campaigns while proposing the necessary information about their company and services specifically to the target audience at no cost of extra data.

Thus, the customer can use the precise feature that best suits their current situation without having to download the entire app. Such mini apps will vastly stimulate customer interaction with a company offering goods or services required by users.

Future changes to the app's environment

Apple launched Clips with a specific agenda to eradicate the necessity of downloading an entire app when 80% of the users utilize a mere 20% of its core features.

Separating an application into its extensively uses core features statistically, Apple prioritizes the inclinations of the app's features rather than the app itself.

This new change in the app ecosystem further brings changes in the developers’ job. Developers now need to focus more on simplifying their features, rather than providing a complete packaged app.

User's Privacy

Though the app focuses on making the user experience more efficient and less time consuming, the user’s privacy is also a significant factor that needs to be considered.

Clips bypasses the registration activity, depending on the application, and plunges straight into the features, consequently eliminating the need to enter personal information.

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Clips also has a failsafe of deleting the data if the app is not used within a specific period.

Regarding online payments, Apple has incorporated Apple Pay, along with Apple sign-ins, to use with Clips. This further tightens security by a using a single-use password for Apple Pay, and abolishing the need for other online profiles.

Clips and AI

Clips also demonstrates the resolutions to the AI voice assistant platforms in their discoverability. The issues the AI voice industry faces in the awareness of their availability and immediate access are now definitely satisfied through the app Clips.

The AI innovation can directly access these capabilities and features through Clips. Any app's isolated feature is categorized, and made discoverable based on its function, instead of the app that holds it.

The ability to trigger an app Clip from any location, including digital and physical, means that the availability of an app Clip is far broader than skills. This also intends that the feature may be found when needed.

Combining the Siri voice assistance and Clips tags for better, faster, and easier use, is the first step to achieving efficient voice AI use.

Bonuses of Clips

Clips offers a plethora of benefits, aside from being timely and data-efficient. Interactions with Clips are quick and focused. The features are limited to fulfilling the prevailing duty at hand, and carrying out quick payments while valuing users’ privacy.

Clips refrains from using tab bars, complex navigation, or settings that do not concern the user's current target. Thus, reducing the extraneous information and user-interface complexity.

Clips also engages the user in sharing links in the Messages app. They are versatile, and are also compatible with several platforms that involve the users’ interests.


The AI innovation of Apple, its app Clips, will bring a radical change in the iOS application development. It is a significant opportunity for developers, and a better, more efficient, and rather different app experience for consumers.

Apple could hence provide a large availability of capability based on the millions of apps that already exist.