Electric cars, touchscreen computers, smartwatches, and teleconferencing are just a few examples of advanced technology in today’s world. Now, the impact of autonomous robotics is here and simply stated… the future has arrived!

In the next decade, robots will establish a presence in every facet of our everyday life as many other technologies and innovations have done before. Examples are microwaves, vacuum cleaners, digital TV, and IoT devices that did not exist merely 20-30 years ago. Now, all the mentioned items listed above are as common as packaged food and bottled water. The same innovations in security robots are here. What are they you may ask? These are mobile smart video surveillance systems that recognize potential intruders or report facility issues and prevent crime at the same time protecting assets by providing a higher level of security and monitoring using state of the art artificial intelligence.

The current technology of video surveillance systems has almost reached the point of being obsolete. Now there are more than a hundred video cameras for every guard in the workforce. In a reactive posture, the guards are used after the fact when an incident has already occurred. If an incident took place in front of multiple cameras, and the law enforcement officer or security guard in review clearly understands where the violation came from and how the crime was committed, solving the crime is not at all what the client is expecting from the public safety officials or security company.

In general, organizations contract security and monitoring services not for assistance in investigating crimes and violations, but for PROACTIVE crime prevention and asset protection. The quality of existing security providers (PPO) is rapidly declining due to many factors. One of the major reasons is that they cannot process the data, duties, and requirements that get unloaded on them with all the distractions. In addition, the responsibility of watching hundreds and thousands of video cameras that they are required to monitor and then reviewing hours of footage upon the required investigations after an incident is overwhelming.

SMP Robotics has a dynamic proven solution. Every incoming video of any abnormal suspicious behavior is captured and recorded by the robot's multiple cameras. Instantly in real-time, the data is analyzed for any unlawful activity or threat. Upon determination of the problem, the immediate notification is dispatched to the security command center along with the guards on duty and notifies to engage, intercept, or investigate which instantly produces a resolution. This has a tremendous proactive economic impact on every business utilizing any type of physical security protocol.

Benefits of Autonomous Security Robots

A single security officer working with robots can guard and protect much larger areas. At the same time, the cost of protection decreases by 50% or more, and an immediate ROI is realized. In the context of a pandemic or crisis, the robots deliver tremendous value to companies in terms of reducing security operational costs and increases reliability and shift coverages. With a decrease in the financial commitment of protection (or a unit of protection), the demand for asset protection services increases tremendously. As a result, more companies can afford security services at a more affordable price and can hire better quality human officers at the same time to increase productivity.

Covid-19 and Its Consequences

Security companies are facing unprecedented challenges with hiring and maintaining reliable security guards in addition to filling in shifts due to illness or being at risk. The vast number of guards are forced to be in physical contact with large numbers of people or are required to work in extreme weather conditions and work long hours due to call-outs. The deployment of security robots dramatically reduces the chance of getting infected, since most of the communication with people and potential intruders take place remotely through robots. Each robot has a built-in microphone and a loudspeaker. In this scenario, the security guards can safely work with the robot remotely at a safe post.

Most of the violations or incidents identified at a location are not a severe threat. Some examples are that children entered into the restricted area or an employee went out to smoke at night, or someone decided to take a shortcut and cut through the private area. Robots notify all incidents and suspicious people or activity and will alert to critical threats. The task of the security guard is to "filter out" the 90% and typically 10% of incidents pose a real threat.

The implementation of robots is financially impacting businesses in a positive way. They are driving the efficiency levels tremendously and changing how successful asset protection is achieved.